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1. Cheese Head (CH) Machine Screws:

Cheese head machine screws feature a rounded top with a flat bearing surface underneath. This design allows for easy tightening with a screwdriver or wrench. Commonly used in applications where a smooth and low-profile head is desired.

2. Round Head (RH) Machine Screws:

Round head machine screws have a domed top that provides a neat and finished appearance. Their design offers a broader bearing surface, making them suitable for applications where additional holding strength is required.

3. Countersunk (CSK) Machine Screws:

Countersunk machine screws have a flat head that sits flush with the surface it is screwed into. This design allows for a smooth finish, reducing the risk of snagging. CSK machine screws are commonly used in applications where aesthetics are important.

4. Star Head Machine Screws:

Star head machine screws, also known as Torx screws, feature a star-shaped recess in their heads. This design provides enhanced torque transmission and reduces the risk of cam-out, making them popular in applications where secure and efficient fastening is crucial.

5. Phillips Head Machine Screws:

Phillips head machine screws have a cross-shaped recess in their heads, accommodating a Phillips screwdriver. Widely used in various applications, they provide good torque transmission and are easy to use.

6. Pan Head Self-Tapping Machine Screws:

Pan head self-tapping machine screws have a flat, rounded top with a self-tapping point. They are designed to create their own threads when driven into materials such as metal or plastic, making them ideal for applications where pre-threading is impractical.

7. Drywall Screws:

Drywall screws, designed with coarse threads and a bugle head, are specifically tailored for fastening drywall to wooden or metal studs. The bugle head helps to achieve a smooth and flush finish on the drywall surface.

8. Gypsum Board (Gyprock) Screws:

Gypsum board screws are engineered for fastening gypsum boards or plasterboard to wooden or metal studs. With their sharp points and fine threads, they are designed to penetrate and secure gypsum board efficiently.

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