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TVS fasteners

Hex Bolt - Grade: 8.8, 10.9

Hex bolts, available in grades 8.8 and 10.9, stand as robust fastening solutions, embodying strength and reliability in various applications. The designation of grades signifies the bolts' tensile strength, with Grade 8.8 offering substantial durability, and Grade 10.9 providing even higher tensile strength, making it suitable for more demanding applications.

Grade 8.8 Hex Bolts: These bolts offer solid strength and are commonly used in general-purpose applications. Whether in construction projects or machinery assembly, Grade 8.8 hex bolts provide a reliable and durable fastening solution.

Grade 10.9 Hex Bolts: Stepping up in strength, Grade 10.9 hex bolts are engineered for applications that demand higher tensile strength. Ideal for critical structural elements, automotive components, or machinery subjected to heavy loads, Grade 10.9 hex bolts ensure a level of robustness that meets the demands of challenging environments.

Allen Bolt - 12.9

The Allen bolt, boasting a formidable Grade 12.9, stands as an exemplar of precision and strength in fastening technology. This grade denotes an unparalleled level of tensile strength, making it a top choice for applications that demand utmost resilience and durability. The hexagonal socket drive, paired with the internal hex drive of an Allen wrench, ensures a secure and efficient tightening process.

Allen Bolt 12.9: Precision and Strength in Every Connection In critical engineering scenarios where precision and steadfastness are paramount, the Allen bolt Grade 12.9 shines. Commonly used in machinery, automotive, and aerospace industries, these bolts play a crucial role in ensuring the structural integrity of components subjected to heavy loads and extreme conditions. The combination of precision engineering and high-grade materials makes the Allen bolt Grade 12.9 an indispensable element, symbolizing the commitment to excellence in the world of fastening solutions.

Allen CSK

The Allen Countersunk (CSK) bolt, characterized by its flush finish when installed, seamlessly merges aesthetics with functionality. This type of bolt is designed to sit flush with the surface, presenting a smooth and polished appearance while maintaining the structural integrity essential for various applications.

Merging Aesthetics with Functionality: With the renowned Allen hexagonal socket drive, these CSK bolts are not only visually appealing but also ensure a secure and efficient tightening process. The Grade of these bolts adds an additional layer of assurance, and depending on the application requirements, various Grades may be chosen to meet specific tensile strength needs.

Button Head Screw

The Button Head Screw stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of form and function in the realm of fastening solutions. Characterized by its low-profile, rounded head with a smooth surface, this screw not only provides secure fastening but also adds a touch of aesthetics to the assembly.

Elevating Form and Function in Fastening: Designed for applications where a sleek and inconspicuous finish is desired, the Button Head Screw excels in scenarios such as furniture manufacturing, automotive interiors, and electronics assembly. Its external hex drive ensures ease of tightening with an Allen wrench, contributing to both efficiency and a clean appearance.

Grub Screw

The Grub Screw, though modest in size, plays a pivotal role in precision fastening applications, providing stability and security in various assemblies. Also known as a set screw, it lacks a traditional head, making it flush with the surface when installed. This design is intentional, allowing the Grub Screw to exert pressure without protruding.

Precision Fastening for Stability: Commonly used in machinery, automotive components, and electronics, the Grub Screw is ideal for applications where a flush finish and unobtrusive fastening are essential. Its hex socket drive facilitates easy and secure tightening with an Allen wrench, ensuring a reliable connection.

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